Week 3&4 Reflection

With assignment 1 coming to the end and the presentation for assignment 2, these two weeks have been super busy for me.

In assignment 2 application seminar, my group is assigned with the app Forest. It is a very simple but interesting app for productivity. At first when using this app, I am kind of confused and wondering “what other parts of the app can be criticised other than UI?”. In terms of functionality, this app is really simple, and almost everything is done locally, except for the ranking with Facebook friends. Therefore, first time when we meet, I don’t really have much to share apart from some flaws I noticed from the UI. However, what my teammates found out from this app really surprised me. One of my teammate investigated the logic for their account management and found that there could be some serious bug. Another teammate looked into reports that showed the market share of the kind of productivity apps, and also the business model of the app. Besides, he also found some research online that proved how useful this app could be. After this assignment, my biggest takeaway is that there are so many angles I can look at something, and it is never wrong to learn from others.

For assignment 1, planning is really a big issue for us. We have been testing everything locally until two days before the final submission. When we started testing on server, everything simply does not work. Almost every http request has some small issues, hence I have to look into every request and work with my teammate working on server and database from all day and night in the last two days. Even so, our app turns out not perfect at all. Due to time constraint, we have to compromise on some features. Although this is not a very successful assignment, we all tried our best and did as much as we can. In assignment 3, I believe that I won’t make this kind of mistake again. One should never anticipate something that he doesn’t know about, and never leave everything to the last second.



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