Good progress so far – week 2 reflection

It has been quite a busy week, as we are working on the mid-assignment submission for assignment 1. Also, tutorials, labs and projects from other courses are coming on their way. Still, I survived the week and managed to get my work done well.

From this week’s lecture, especially the second part which talks about scrum, I realised that software engineering was not just about writing code. Although code is always what people talk about the most often, there are ways that we can write better code and collaborate with others in a more efficient way. Sprints and task break-down are super important. From our own experience, it is still okay for mid-assignment submission, as it does not really have a long time for us to think about how to divide tasks into sprints, we just simply divide everything into front-end and back-end, and then assign people to it. However, after the mid-assignment submission, we found it a bit unclear without a plan, like what our next steps are, what are some of the¬†prioritised features to implement, and by what deadline we should finish our own part. Questions like these keep coming up, and we need to make it clear to everyone that we are on the right track. Therefore, we come up with a sprint plan, prioritised our features and assigned them to everyone, for which everyone has to finish before the sprint deadline. On the deadline day itself, we will sit together and discuss more about our future plans.

Besides the importance of planning ahead, I also learnt a lot about front-end. In this assignment, I tried to design all the buttons, pages, icons, colours etc by myself. It seems like starting from scratch, but I did learn a lot more about design when doing this. I always ask the opinions from others while designing the site, as I know that it is never wrong to listen from others. Every time I finish something, like a new page or a new component, I would ask my teammate to check whether this looks good on their machine. Since I am not very familiar with CSS yet, it is quite common that sometimes I am not sure how to layout an element so that it looks nice on all displays. In such case, their feedback really matters.

Again, this has been a fulfilling and challenging week. Next week, there are more to be done, and there will be more to learn and explore.


One thought on “Good progress so far – week 2 reflection

  1. I hope you’re past the stage of learning by now, because there’s honestly no time in 3216 to learn about how to build buttons in css. That said, at least it’ll ease the difficulty in time for assignment 3!


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