Week 1 reflection

After the first week with 3216, I realise that it is definitely a good choice to take CS3216 as my software engineering projects module. From the first lecture, where Colin shares his thoughts on this course with us, there is one sentence that concludes this course well, “We are learning how to learn, and we are making a difference”. Unlike traditional modules, where we have the materials out there to learn about, we really need to think about what we want to do and what we need to learn in this module. Though there are lecturers and tutors helping us, most of the time we are on our own.

I am really glad to meet Han, Junwei and BaiChuan as my teammates for assignment 1, two among which are experienced developers, and the other one knows about business and marketing. Although we don’t know much about each other, once we sit down and starting talking about our project, I can see their passion from everyone’s eyes. With this passion, I strongly believe that we will make something great out of the assignment, even though we all know that it is really challenging.

With about 25% of the project done, the difficulties don’t appear to be difficult anymore. We are already hitting the road, and we are all excited about it. Though things are getting more and more complicated, we are never afraid of them.


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